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Get Equity Freedom

Unlock the equity in your home – without additional debt

I realize the program presented below conceptually represents more risk than many people will be willing to accept. But for the benefit of those willing to assume that exposure, to gain access to funds they own but don't control, we make it possible to unlock your home equity with no added debt, no monthly payments, no interest and no restrictions on the use of the capital.

How can we do this? By being investors, not lenders.

We can help you access the equity in your home, capital that you own but don't control, so you can use it for whatever purpose you wish, including the funding of acquisitions of cryptocurrencies. The increase in value of cryptocurrencies vs home equity is potentially substantial.

A Home Equity Agreement is not a loan, it’s not a HELOC and it’s not a reverse mortgage. It has nothing to do with debt. We would simply purchase a share in the potential appreciation of your home, helping you unlock your home equity with no monthly payments, no interest, no added debt and no restrictions on the use of the capital.

Basically, QuantmRE will share in the ups and downs of your home's value. When your home appreciates, we'll share in the gain; and if it depreciates, we'll share in the loss. But most importantly, we'll help you free up capital that you currently own, but don't control, in order to help put it to work for you in a better way than it is today.

Let's Work Together

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