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Have you noticed how evolution of the blockchain is similar to introduction of the internet?

It is the mission of Digital Asset Advisors (DAA) to help people recognize similarities between introduction of the blockchain today with introduction of the internet in the 1990s, and exceptional investment opportunities today similar to those of the 90s. In the 1990s companies were started that went on to become some of the largest companies in the world today, and those who purchased and held the stock in them experienced life-impacting wealth for themselves and future generations.

WHAT IF you could go back to the 1990s when companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, etc. were getting started, and have the ability to purchase their stock with the benefit of 2020 hindsight and insightful foresight? It is the purpose of this website to help you to leverage my experience with this opportunity going back to my work in the financial services industry in the 1990s and witnessing the introduction of the internet firsthand, and the IPO experience of the companies that were started during that time. You can also benefit from my experience since 2017 when I purchased my first share of a Bitcoin, and have since built a portfolio of dozens of digital assets. I can make a case that this portfolio includes likely some of the largest companies going forward, just as we saw with the advent of the internet in the 1990s. It's simple; in hindsight and with foresight.

But there is some degree of urgency to this message and the resulting actions you may take after learning it. I started this journey in 2017 and have been building (and refining) the portfolio resulting from my now 5+ years of reading, listening, watching, studying and researching digital assets and blockchain technology. The low-cost subscription based service of this platform will introduce you to one of them every month, so you can see you'll have months to learn and implement the building of your own portfolio. And that's okay as you have time, we are still very early on in the adoption phase of blockchain technology, digital assets and decentralized finance, but not endless time.

Institutional players are coming into this market now, which was anticipated, and the impact they are making on this market is becoming more and more significant, as anticipated. You want to have your portfolio built and in place BEFORE all the institutional players come into this market (which will only happen once) and the digital assets represented by the companies in this space, and definitely before the customers of these institutions (read: their clients; the general population) come into this market. The entry of their clients will only lead to increased demand for these coins, resulting in their price going up strongly. Therefore, time is of the essence.

So if you missed the introduction of the internet in the 1990s, you can now position your self to participate in the introduction of the blockchain, and have another opportunity to experience the life-impacting wealth it will create. This is so, just as others who participated in the introduction of the internet are today enjoying the life-impacting wealth created by investing in and holding some of the companies that were introduced back then.


The steps below are what I have done, should you wish to emulate my experience. This should not in any way be taken as financial advice. You may want to consult a Financial Advisor before taking any steps regarding high risk digital assets. Additionally, the amounts used to purchase each coin can be small ($200-400 each for small investors, $1,000 each for large investors) and still experience life-impacting results. The total amount of one's portfolio used to purchase such coins should not exceed 5-10% of one's total portfolio size. 

Step 1: To implement, please go to the Kraken or Gemini exchanges, open an account and follow instructions to fund it with a bank account.  [You'll want to setup 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA) on your accounts, to increase security, if you have the option.]


Step 2:  If you want to do what I have done, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), at a minimum. I recommend purchasing roughly 1/3 BTC and 2/3 ETH with your total amount designated for both.

Step 3: If you wish to store your cryptos in a private wallet instead of on the exchange where they were purchased (which is highly recommended as you never want to store your cryptos on an exchange where they're susceptible to being stolen by hackers), my recommendation would be to use MyEtherWallet (MEW). It's highly versatile, robust and has been around for years. Before sending any cryptocurrencies to your wallet, double-check the entire address, character by character. Send a small amount first, to ensure it arrives safely, and that won't hurt financially if you make a mistake and it's lost. Use the copy/paste feature to ensure accuracy. Also tied to your wallet address is one or more private keys, which as the name suggests should not be shared with anyone. Some wallets create a secure seed phrase, a set of words that will allow you to unlock your wallet if you lose your keys. Print this phrase out and keep it in a safe place or two. It’s crucial that you keep your private keys safe by generating backups both online and offline. Remember: Your wallet does not reside on any single device. The wallet itself resides on the blockchain, just as your banking app doesn’t truly “hold” the cash in your checking account.

RISK DISCLOSURE: This is not and should not be considered financial advice, but just a description of what I have done. Digital Assets or Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, risky purchases. You should not buy any that you cannot afford to lose.


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